Abatec group AG hired Norik Systems to assist them in the field of Linux kernel development. Norik helped Abatec with porting some critical kernel-space source code to the latest kernel version.

About Abatec Group AG

Abatec Group AG is based in Regau, Austria and was established in 1991. The heart of Abatec Group is its R&D department – incorporated as Abatec Electronic Solutions. Here, outstanding specialists work on development and production – for external customers as well as for in-house innovations, which have already been patented many times. The companies belonging to the group are under the umbrella of the holding company with its solid capital base. Even if the companies seem to be completely different at first glance, one thing connects them: All benefit from brainpower by Abatec and take advantage of a strong development team, an experienced international procurement department and two high-tech machinery facilities. The companies Sentiotec, Inmotiotec, Wallatec, Lixtec and Mecmotec testify in that their diversity and innovation is a success guarantee in all sectors.

More information about Abatec Group AG: https://www.abatec.at/