Embedded systems

We provide a wide range of Embedded Systems development services, such as Linux Kernel & Drivers development, BSPs, Apps and Hardware Design.

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Norik Systems is bringing your embedded system to market faster, with stronger security and lower cost & risk.
embedded systems
The Linux operating system is the most widely used embedded OS for high-end devices, within the development community. We work on developing technical specifications for new and existing products. Our engineers are up to date with the latest technologies and solutions on the market and have in-depth knowledge of different distributions for Embedded Linux.
Developing Next Generation Systems

Areas of Expertise

Linux kernel and user space development, device drivers, bootloader customizations, BSP

Hardware Platforms

ARM (Cortex-A and -M), TI DSPs, PowerPC, MIPS, MSP430, PIC8/32, XScale

Programming Languages

C/C++, Python, Qt, Shell scripting, assembly languages

Operating Systems

Linux, Zephyr, FreeRTOS, ThreadX, QNX, WinCE, eCos, bare-metal

Build Systems

Yocto, Buildroot, OpenWRT, Make, Autotools, CMake

Open Source Contributions

Linux, U-boot, Barebox, Yocto/OE, ALSA

Software Config. Management

Git, CVS, Subversion, Rational ClearCase, TFS

Development Tools

Segger, Lauterbach Debuggers, Hitex, Wind River Tools, Green Hills MULTI

Communication Protocols

Edi Krivec

Edi Krivec

Chief Development Officer @Seltron d.o.o.

At the beginning we were just looking for a competent company to outsource part of our software development. Norik was certainly up to the job. They are very skilled, professional and task oriented.

Not only that, we even used their approach and software development skills to train our internal engineers. They have helped us greatly by introducing us a higher-level software development process.

We can highly recommend cooperation with Norik Systems.

Stefan Müller-Klieser

Stefan Müller-Klieser

Development Lead Software @PHYTEC

We have been working with Norik to expand our development team. Norik has proved itself to be a very reliable and top professional partner. The communication was joyful and work was delivered on time with a high quality.

Norik has become an integral part of our successful business.

T. Rajeeth Savarimuthu

T. Rajeeth Savarimuthu

PhD, Professor @University of Sourthern Denmark The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute

Norik has developed, together with us, a software framework for handling patient flow and scanning information from ROPCAs robotics ultrasound scanners. The collaboration and project management with Norik has been very satisfactory for ROPCA and we look forward to continuing our joint work.

Wolfgang Höllmüller

Wolfgang Höllmüller

Project Manager @Mission Embedded GmbH

Norik Systems has supported us in several projects already. Besides the excellent Linux expertise, the cooperation with the Norik Systems team can be characterized as very professional and solution-oriented.

The provided services were always delivered within budget and on time. We are very happy to have Norik Systems as partners and are looking forward to the projects to come.

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