Norik Systems was contracted by BM Innovations to supply a server side logic for one of their latest projects, a fully automated tracking of heart beat and some other parameters of the visitors in fitness centers. The technology used in the development of the server was Linux, mySQL and PHP. The server side communicates with the clients through a BlueRobin communication protocol which enables transmission distances of up to 800 meters and multi-user systems with up to 200 users per receiver. The first fitness center equipped with this technology will be based in Baltimore, USA.

About BM Innovations GmbH

BM Innovations GmbH is a specialist for design, development and marketing of high quality electronic products for sports, fitness and medical applications.

Their core asset is the digital ultra-low power BlueRobin™ radio communication technology developed by MBM wireless Ltd.&Co.KG. BlueRobin™ enables connecting battery-operated sender and receiver units. This technology is used in their heart rate monitoring chest straps, PC receivers and sport watches.

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