Norik was tasked by the client to evaluate the use of QP™/C framework in combination with QUTest™ for use on their upcoming embedded platform.
The QP™/C Real-Time Embedded Framework (RTEF) is a unique offering on the embedded software market. It provides a modern, reusable architecture of embedded applications, which combines object-orientation with the particular model of concurrency, known as active objects (actors). This architecture is generally safer, more responsive and easier to understand than “free threading” with a traditional Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). It also provides sufficiently high level of abstraction and the right abstractions to effectively apply modeling and code generation to deeply embedded systems.

QUTest™ (pronounced “cutest”) is a unit testing harness (a.k.a. unit testing framework), which is specifically designed for deeply embedded systems, but also supports unit testing of embedded code on host computers (“dual targeting”). QUTest™ is thus the fundamental tooling for Test-Driven Development (TDD) of QP/C/C++ applications, which is a highly recommended best-practice.
Our engineers delve into both topics and developed workshop materials with code examples to be presented at the client’s facilities.

Client was well pleased with the presented subject matter and Norik’s proposals to theirs specific challenges and problems.