Ethernet has established itself as the communications standard in the office world. The requirements for industrial communication are far higher – real-time capability, integration of distributed field devices, quick installation methods, etc. – than those made in the office world. These demands are fulfilled by PROFINET, the open and manufacturer independent industrial Ethernet Standard from PROFIBUS International.

As a part of IEC 61158, PROFINET is based on the international Ethernet standard (IEEE 802.3) as well as Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s) and switching technology. Two special PROFINET features, the integrated use of real-time and TCP-based communication on one line as well as scalable real-time communication for controllers, distributed I/O and motion control facilitate short response times and continuity from the field level all the way up to the corporate management level – even wirelessly with industrial WLAN.

PROFINET covers the entire range of automation applications and differentiates between three classic communication properties:
• Non-Real-Time such as TCP/IP and UDP/IP communication,
• Real-time (RT) and
• Isochronous Real-Time (IRT)

Norik Systems has been actively involved in PROFINET development and integration for more than three years and is currently one of the few companies that has managed to build a substantial knowledge in integration of PROFINET IO and PROFINET CBA protocol stack into third-party devices. With this know-how and experience, Norik Systems is now ready to meet an increasing demand for PROFINET related software engineering services.

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