The International Business Linux and Open source Conference (IBLOC) was held from the 29th to the 30th of September in Portorož, Slovenia. The conference hosted representatives and leaders of workshops from all around the world. Among them, there were also world class professionals regarding open source. true legends: American Ric Shreves, who traveled to Slovenia straight from from Bali; Nils Magnus, advisor for safety at the German company Security Networks AG and the co-founder of the most important conference about Linux in Europe, LinuxTag; Denis Lackovič, winner of the first award for open informatics competition in Croatia, and Dr. Alessandro Rubini from the Free Software Foundation Europe, best known for his book, Linux Device Drivers. Attendees of the conference had the opportunity to hear everything about integrated systems, which are grounded in open source technology. The part about integrated systems was new, and together with the lectures it also included an interesting workshop about real-time Linux.

Norik Systems has attended the conference with it’s own addition. It organized a lecture about the usage of open source technology in commercial projects and a practical workshop named “Real-time Linux”. Norik’s views on suitable usage of open source technology in commercial companies was presented by Matthias Gorjup. An excerpt of Matthias Gorjup’s Lecture:

A lot of companies which use open source in the form of apps or as source code, do not understand the right idea and background of open source. They do not know how to correctly use it and often compare it to proprietary software on subject fields, where the two cannot be compared. They also imagine that open source is the answer to Microsoft’s monopoly. That way they do not see that they have to adjust the development process based on properties of the open source, and not the other way around. Projects that use open source take more time as is planned, and sometimes ever end up as a catastrophe, for which the open source is faulted. Unapologetic! The lecture will try to expose some of the characteristics of using open source as the source code with a typical development cycle of software. I will try to answer questions, such as:

• What’s the difference between open source and proprietary software?
• What are the dangers of using open source?
• Where can you get informed?
• How to prevent an “infection” of proprietary open source with a GPL/LGPL license?
• How to communicate with the open source community?
• How to report bugs found in open source software?
• How to publish a product on the market, which includes open source?
• How to combine proprietary and open source code in a product?

The workshop “Real-time Linux” was run by Norik’s long running partner Nicholas McGuire, a real guru in the field of real-time Linux systems and a maintainer of the GPL RTLinux version.

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